Emergency medical services provider disability benefits.

Authors: Senator Philip Boots, Senator Lindel Hume, Senator James Buck

Co-authors: Senator James Arnold, Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Randall Frye

Co-Sponsors: Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Dan Forestal


Authorizes a municipal corporation to provide programs of disability insurance (programs) to its emergency medical services providers who become disabled as the result of an injury or illness: (1) that is not covered by worker's compensation or occupational diseases compensation; or (2) for which worker's compensation or occupational diseases compensation has been exhausted. Provides that the elimination or waiting period before a benefit begins may not be greater than: (1) 30 days, for a short term disability program; or (2) 120 days, for a long term disability program. Allows a municipal corporation to provide the programs by purchasing policies of group insurance or establishing a self-insurance program. Requires the fiscal body of a municipal corporation to approve the establishment of a self-insurance program. Allows the programs to exclude part-time employees and individuals who provide services to the municipal corporation under a contract. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the pension management oversight commission.)