Charity gaming.

Authors: Senator Philip Boots


Establishes an annual charity gaming host license that permits Indiana hospitality facilities to host raffle events conducted by out-of-state organizations. Allows a licensee to host up to 12 raffle events over the 12 month period of the license. Provides that license and renewal fees are $50 for each license. Imposes a $50 fee per event on the host licensee. Specifies that out-of-state organizations are not eligible to conduct the unlicensed, low stakes events that other qualified organizations are permitted to conduct. Authorizes door prize drawings and the sale of pull tabs, punchboards, and tip boards at raffle events conducted under an annual charity gaming host license. Exempts out-of-state organizations conducting raffle events from the "90/60" rule and the requirement of establishing a separate charity gaming account. Specifies that out-of-state organizations are subject to the same reporting requirements as national organizations holding the annual comprehensive charity gaming license.