Interim study committee structure.

Authors: Senator David Long, Senator Timothy Lanane, Senator Brandt Hershman

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Brian Bosma

Co-Sponsors: Representative Scott Pelath


Establishes 17 interim study committees with authority to study legislative topics. Permits the legislative council to establish additional interim study committees. Provides for the appointment of chairs, vice-chairs, legislative members, and lay members of interim study committees. Specifies uniform policies to govern interim study committees. Permits the chair of a standing interim study committee to establish subcommittees. Eliminates various study and advisory committees. Eliminates obsolete provisions governing legislative evaluation and oversight. Reduces the number of members of the advisory council to the office of the utility consumer counselor and the political subdivision risk management commission to reflect the reduction of the number of congressional districts in Indiana from 10 to nine. Makes conforming amendments. Repeals laws that: (1) establish committees eliminated by this act; and (2) require quadrennial fiscal analysis of statutes regarding redevelopment areas and property tax deductions for redevelopment of real property in economic revitalization areas.