DNA submission upon arrest.

Authors: Senator Joseph Zakas


Requires every person arrested after June 30, 2014, for burglary, residential entry, a crime of violence, or a sex offense to submit a DNA sample. Provides for the expungement of a DNA sample taken from the person if: (1) the person is acquitted of all felony charges; (2) all burglary, residential entry, crime of violence, and sex offense charges are dismissed; or (3) no charges have been filed after 30 days since the person's arrest. Requires the officer who obtains a DNA sample from a person to inform the person of the right to DNA expungement and to provide the person with a form that may be used for DNA expungement, and permits the use of evidence other than a court order for expungement. Increases the DNA sample processing fee from $2 to $4. Allocates $500,000 semiannually to hold harmless all funds and to provide an additional amount to the DNA sample processing fund.