Court security fees and funds.

Authors: Senator Randall Head


Requires: (1) the clerk of a circuit court; and (2) the clerk of a city or town court; to collect a court security fee of $2 in each action in which a person is required to pay a criminal costs fee or a civil costs fee. Requires the clerks to distribute 100% of the court security fees collected to the auditor of state. Requires the auditor of state to transfer the court security fees to each county. Provides that the court security fees are to be: (1) distributed equally among the counties; and (2) deposited in each county's court security fund. Establishes a court security fund in each county to pay for the costs of installing, operating, maintaining, and upgrading security measures, plans, procedures, and systems in and around: (1) courtrooms; and (2) buildings that contain courtrooms; located in the county. Makes an appropriation.