Tax issues.

Authors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Ed Charbonneau

Co-authors: Senator Lindel Hume, Senator Karen Tallian

Sponsors: Representative P Eric Turner

Co-Sponsors: Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Terry Goodin


Specifies that for purposes of computing sales tax, a seller may elect to round the tax on an item basis or an invoice basis. Removes blood glucose monitoring meters from the separate sales tax exemption for blood glucose supplies to comply with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. Provides that blood glucose meters and the packaging or literature for a blood glucose meter furnished without charge by a diabetic supply distributor are exempt from sales tax. (Blood glucose meters would also be exempt from sales tax as durable medical equipment if sold or rented under a prescription.) Provides that the sales tax exemption for blood glucose monitoring supplies applies only to supplies furnished without charge. Provides that the value of an Olympic medal and prize money paid by the United States Olympic Committee to the winner of an Olympic medal are exempt from the Indiana adjusted gross income tax.