Release of employee identifying information.

Authors: Senator James Banks, Senator Carlin Yoder


Provides that an employer may not release a current or former employee's identifying information to a third party, or enter into an agreement to release, communicate, or distribute employee identifying information to a third party, unless: (1) the employee consents to the release in writing that is signed by the employee; (2) the release is required by: (A) state law; (B) a court order issued by a court with jurisdiction; (C) a warrant issued by a judicial officer; (D) a subpoena issued in a civil or criminal action; or (E) a discovery proceeding in a civil action; or (3) this provision conflicts with or is preempted by federal law. Provides that a labor organization may not make a request to an employer to release, or enter into an agreement that includes a provision requiring the release of, employee identifying information. Provides that an employer, labor organization, or other person who knowingly or intentionally violates these provisions commits a Class C misdemeanor.