School operating referendum ballot language.

Authors: Senator Greg Walker, Senator Pete Miller

Co-authors: Senator James Banks, Senator Randall Head, Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Douglas Eckerty

Sponsors: Representative Milo Smith

Co-Sponsors: Representative Terry Goodin, Representative Kreg Battles, Representative Timothy Wesco


Changes the language to be used on the ballot when a school corporation conducts a school general fund referendum. Removes the requirement that the department of local government finance must approve the ballot language proposed by a school corporation for a school general fund referendum. Provides that the county election board of the county or counties in which the school corporation is located must either approve or revise the proposed ballot language. Provides that if the county election board revises the ballot language, the governing body of the school corporation may request the Indiana election commission to review the county election board's decision. Provides that if the Indiana election commission does not act not later than 60 days before the election at which the public question is to be placed on the ballot, the county election board's language is the language used for the public question. Provides that if a majority of the voters do not vote in favor of a school general fund referendum, another referendum under the law may not be held for another 350 days. (Current law provides that another referendum may not be held for another year.)