Underground tank fee and drainage onsite reviews.

Authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Douglas Eckerty, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative David Wolkins

Co-Sponsors: Representative Heath VanNatter


Provides that if an underground storage tank consists of a single tank in which there are separate compartments, a separate annual registration fee shall be paid for each compartment within the single tank. Requires the owner of an underground storage tank to pay an annual registration fee for a calendar year if the underground storage tank is not closed before January 1 of that year. Requires the department of environmental management (instead of the department of state revenue) to collect the annual registration fee. Provides that: (1) for purposes of determining eligibility for payment of a tank owner's liability from the underground petroleum storage tank excess liability trust fund, only registration fees paid in 1991 or later shall be considered; (2) for the period preceding July 1, 2014, the payment of a single annual fee of $90 for a tank containing separate compartments shall be deemed to satisfy the annual fee requirements; and (3) IDEM is not required to pay any refunds to a tank owner that, before July 1, 2014, paid a separate registration fee for each compartment within a tank. Provides that a county surveyor planning to perform a regulated drain reconstruction or maintenance project shall request a review of the project but is not required to request an onsite field review.