Senior and special prosecutors.

Authors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Randall Head, Senator Michael Delph

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator John Broden, Senator Joseph Zakas

Sponsors: Representative Gregory Steuerwald


Repeals and recodifies provisions concerning the appointment of senior prosecuting attorneys, special prosecutors, and special deputy prosecuting attorneys. Provides that a person may be appointed as a senior prosecuting attorney if the person was employed for at least eight years as a: (1) prosecuting attorney; (2) chief deputy prosecuting attorney; (3) deputy prosecuting attorney; or (4) deputy prosecuting attorney employed full time to perform certain duties related to child support provisions. Requires a person who files an affidavit to be considered for appointment as a senior prosecuting attorney to file a request to withdraw from consideration when the person is no longer willing to serve as a senior prosecuting attorney. Requires the prosecuting attorneys council to maintain and publish a list of persons who are eligible to be appointed as senior prosecuting attorneys. Allows a senior prosecuting attorney to be appointed as a special prosecutor in a county in which the senior prosecuting attorney previously served if the appointing court finds that the appointment would not create the appearance of impropriety. Removes provisions that limit the number of days a senior prosecuting attorney may be compensated during a calendar year. Requires a special prosecutor to file a progress report with the appointing court at least one time every six months. Makes conforming amendments.