Education standards.

Authors: Senator Luke Kenley


Provides that before July 1, 2015, the state board of education (state board) shall adopt Indiana college and career readiness educational standards. Provides that before July 1, 2015, the state board shall authorize the department of education (department), for school years beginning after June 30, 2016, to administer either the ISTEP assessment or a comparable assessment program that is aligned with the educational standards adopted by the state board. Provides that before the state board may adopt educational standards or authorize an assessment program, the state board shall submit the proposed educational standards and assessment program to the budget committee for review. Requires the state board to establish policies and procedures to ensure the confidentiality of student information collected or retained by the department. Sets forth who may access the student data. Requires an annual report to be submitted to the governor and general assembly concerning the security of student data. Makes technical corrections. Makes conforming amendments.