Various state and local financial matters.

Authors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Brandt Hershman

Sponsors: Representative Timothy Brown

Co-Sponsors: Representative Terry Goodin, Representative P Eric Turner

Advisors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Earline Rogers, Senator Brandt Hershman


Eliminates the requirement that excess state general fund reserves are to be carried over each year for purposes of determining a transfer to the pension stabilization fund and an automatic taxpayer refund. Reduces from 50 to 25 the number of hard copy documents a state agency must provide to the state library. Permits the state library foundation to choose to have its annual audit performed by an independent certified public accountant or by the state board of accounts. Changes the publisher of the annual report of the meetings of the Indiana Academy of Science from the commission on public records to the Indiana Academy of Science. Changes various copy requirements concerning the Indiana Academy of Science's reports. Repeals the annual appropriation for the printing of the proceedings and papers of the Indiana Academy of Science. Eliminates local unit participation in the state employee health plan. Repeals the requirement that the state provide a retiree health benefit plan to state employees after they become eligible for Medicare coverage. Repeals the mandatory contribution by state employees at retirement of unused vacation leave to the PERF 401(h) retirement medical benefits account. Recognizes multiparty agreements, including agreements with other states and local government units, using a transportation public-private arrangement. Modifies hearing requirements related to public-private partnership arrangements. Removes restrictions on how the state police department may use certain appropriations. Allows parties involved in a property tax appeal to agree to receive notices and other material by electronic means.