Implied consent for forensic examination.

Authors: Senator Timothy Lanane, Senator Patricia Miller

Co-authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Edward Clere

Co-Sponsors: Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Terri Jo Austin

Advisors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Jean Breaux


Repeals and relocates certain definitions relating to the provision of forensic medical examinations. Defines "sexual assault examination kit", and requires: (1) the state police department to develop and distribute a standard sexual assault examination kit; and (2) health care providers conducting forensic medical examinations of suspected victims of sex crimes to use the sexual assault examination kit if practicable. Provides that a health care provider may conduct a forensic medical examination of an unconscious person who is suspected to be the victim of a sex crime without the consent of the victim or other authorized individuals under certain circumstances. Provides the health care provider with immunity in conducting the examination.