Assistance for military facilities.

Authors: Senator James Banks, Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Travis Holdman

Co-authors: Senator John Waterman, Senator Douglas Eckerty

Sponsors: Representative Mark Messmer

Co-Sponsors: Representative John Bartlett

Advisors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Mark Stoops


Authorizes units of local government to expend money: (1) in direct support of an active military base located within the unit or an entity located in the territory or facilities of a military base or former military base (or territory or facilities of the United States Department of Defense) that are scheduled for closing or are completely or partially inactive or closed; and (2) in support of any other entity that provides services or direct support to such an active military base or such an entity. Provides that redevelopment commissions, military base reuse authorities, and military base development authorities may, subject to prior approval by the unit's fiscal body, expend money and provide financial assistance (including grants and loans) to such active military bases and to such entities. Provides that the fiscal body of the unit that established such a commission or authority must separately approve each grant, loan, or other expenditure for financial assistance provided by the commission or authority under these provisions. Provides that the terms of any loan made under these provisions by a commission or authority may be changed only if the change is approved by the fiscal body of the unit that established the commission or authority. Excludes certain counties.