Various education matters.

Authors: Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-authors: Senator Earline Rogers

Sponsors: Representative Rhonda Rhoads

Co-Sponsors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Kreg Battles


Changes the date, from August 15 to 14 days before the first day a teacher is required to report for duty, after which a contract entered into between a school corporation and a teacher is void if at the time of signing the contract the teacher is bound by a previous contract, unless the teacher provides a 30 day written notice to the first employer or the first employer releases the teacher from the previous contract. Provides that a transition to teaching program participant may obtain a license to teach in prekindergarten if the participant meets certain requirements. Provides that a school corporation may include and account for proceeds from rental income, or earnings generated by other corporation activities, in separate funds apart from the general fund. Provides that money received from the proceeds of rental income, or earnings generated by other corporation activities, may be disbursed without appropriation. Provides that if the school is closed on a non instructional day in which the teacher is required to work or teacher professional development training or education is provided and the work day or teacher professional development training or education is rescheduled, each teacher shall work on that rescheduled day without additional compensation. Provides that a district wide or school wide committee that has teacher members who are members of the exclusive representative and teacher members who are not members of the exclusive representative may address discussion topics subject to bargaining. Provides that a provision relating to local salary scale increases applies upon the expiration of a contract or part of a contract in existence on July 1, 2012. Provides the reimbursement of a mediator in a collective bargaining proceeding. Provides that Indiana education employment relations board (IEERB) may appoint a financial consultant to assist a factfinder during mediation. Provides for reimbursement of IEERB by the parties involved in mediation. Provides that the complaint for an unfair practice must be filed within three years of the alleged unfair practice or within three years of the time in which the school employer or school employee reasonably should have known of the alleged unfair practice. Extends from 30 to 60 days the period in which IEERB must rule on the appeal of a factfinder's decision. Provides that a person who has served as a mediator in a dispute between a school employer and an exclusive representative may not serve as a factfinder in a dispute arising in the same school corporation within a period of two years except by the mutual consent of the parties. Changes the date in which a factfinding hearing in an impasse procedure must occur. Provides that the factfinding process in an impasse procedure may not exceed 30 days. Urges the legislative council to assign to an existing study committee the topic of determining appropriate and feasible incentives to encourage highly effective teachers to teach in poor performing schools.