Sports and convention development areas.

Authors: Senator Thomas Wyss, Senator David Long

Co-authors: Senator Timothy Skinner

Sponsors: Representative David Ober

Co-Sponsors: Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Steven Braun, Representative Robert Heaton

Advisors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Greg Taylor, Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator James Merritt, Senator Luke Kenley


Allows a professional sports development area (PSDA) in Allen County to be amended after April 30, 2014, and before January 1, 2015. Provides that a PSDA in Allen County must terminate before the later of January 1, 2028, or (if the designating body takes final action on the financing before January 1, 2015) a date agreed to jointly by the budget agency and the designating body that established the tax area. Specifies that the expiration date may not be later than 25 years after the debt to finance the facility or proposed facility is issued, and that the budget agency must approve the final financing for the facility or proposed facility.