Assignment of lottery prizes.

Authors: Senator Randall Head, Senator Travis Holdman

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-Sponsors: Representative Edward DeLaney, Representative Thomas Dermody


Provides that a person who wins a prize payable in installments from the lottery commission may assign the future prize payments under certain circumstances upon court approval. Sets forth requirements for a court order approving a prize payment assignment. Requires that a petition to assign a prize payment must be served upon the lottery commission's director and the child support bureau. Requires the assignee to provide certain information. Requires the director of the lottery commission to investigate and certify whether a person who petitions for a lottery prize payment assignment has or has not satisfied debts to state agencies. Provides that if the Internal Revenue Service, the department of state revenue, or a court issues a determination or ruling that the voluntary assignment of a prize payment will affect federal income tax treatment, the commission shall file the determination or ruling with the attorney general's office and the Indiana judicial center, and a court may not issue a voluntary assignment of a prize payment after the date of the determination or ruling. Adds the department of child services to the list of agencies that must identify to the commission individuals who owe past due child support.