Charter school funding.

Authors: Senator Scott Schneider, Senator James Banks, Senator Carlin Yoder

Sponsors: Representative Robert Behning

Co-Sponsors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson

Advisors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Frank Mrvan


Allows a charter school organizer to notify the department that it wants to receive the tuition support distributions for the state fiscal year 2014-2015 for all of the charter schools that the organizer operates. Provides that the state examiner shall establish guidelines and prescribe reporting requirements for organizers that are consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. Requires the organizer's authorizer to verify to the department that the charter schools are operated by the organizer. Provides that the department shall distribute the tuition support for the verified charter schools to the organizer. Permits the organizer to distribute the tuition support to each charter school it operates in the amounts determined by the organizer. Requires identification numbers and accounts to be used at the organizer and charter school levels. Prohibits an organizer from using tuition support for expenses incurred outside Indiana that are not directly related to the charter school the organizer operates in Indiana. Provides that a student, and the student's siblings, who attends a charter school may attend a different charter school held by the same organizer in subsequent years. Provides that if the state board adopts a rule to assign a category or designation of school improvement to a school corporation the state board shall also assign a category or designation of school improvement to a charter school organizer.