Better skills for adult learners.

Authors: Senator Philip Boots, Senator James Buck, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-authors: Senator Karen Tallian

Sponsors: Representative Kathleen Heuer

Co-Sponsors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Robert Behning, Representative Justin Moed, Representative Sue Errington


Makes changes to what is included as instructional time for a performance qualified school district or qualified high school. Provides that a high school may replace high school courses on the high school transcript with dual credit courses or advanced placement courses on the same subject matter with equal or greater rigor to the required high school course and may count such course as satisfying academic honors or another special diploma requirement. Requires the commission for higher education (commission) to award part-time student grants totaling at least 50% of the available appropriation each fiscal year to students who are identified by the commission as financially independent from their parents and who are pursuing a program of study that will lead to a specific high demand, high wage job. Requires the commission to submit not later than November 1, 2014, to the legislative council a report that provides information about the part-time student population in Indiana, including the population's size, its financial need, its completion rates, and recommendations for increasing the population's completion rates using financial support and student incentives. Provides that, for state fiscal years beginning after June 30, 2014, the state workforce innovation council shall allocate a percentage of the funds made available to Indiana under the Workforce Investment Act for adult and dislocated worker training for performance based funding training that leads to occupations that the department of workforce development has categorized as high demand, high wage jobs and that are tied to existing employer demand in the region in which the training is offered. Provides an educational loan repayment for a public elementary or high school teacher who: (1) was in the highest 20% of the individual's high school graduating class or in the top twentieth percentile on the SAT or ACT examination; (2) graduated from college with at least a 3.5 grade point average; and (3) teaches science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or special education, or teaches in a critical shortage geographic area; in a public school in Indiana. Provides that at the end of the third consecutive year the teacher teaches, the commission for higher education shall make a payment of an amount determined by the commission based on the funds appropriated for the repayments or the balance of the teacher's student loans (whichever is less) directly to the financial institution that holds the teacher's student loans if a specific appropriation has been made to fund teacher student loan repayments.