Demand side management programs.

Authors: Senator James Merritt, Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Jean Leising

Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch

Co-Sponsors: Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Richard Hamm, Representative Robert Morris


Provides that industrial customers of an electricity supplier may opt out of participating in an energy efficiency program implemented by the electricity supplier in response to an order of the utility regulatory commission (commission) concerning demand side management (DSM) programs. Provides that the commission may adopt rules or guidelines to assist electricity suppliers and industrial customers. Provides that certain energy efficiency programs may not be renewed after December 31, 2014. Provides that, after December 31, 2014, an electricity supplier may offer an energy efficiency program and, if authorized by the IURC, recover associated costs. Requires the commission to provide a status report on energy efficiency programs implemented under DSM orders, including the effects on customer rates and charges, to the regulatory flexibility committee and the legislative council by August 15, 2014.