Law enforcement training and emergency services.

Authors: Senator Timothy Lanane, Senator Thomas Wyss

Co-authors: Senator Jean Breaux, Senator James Merritt, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Casey Cox

Co-Sponsors: Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Holli Sullivan


Requires the law enforcement training board to adopt rules for minimum standards for a course of study on cultural sensitivity training, including training on the U nonimmigrant visa. Provides that a county law enforcement continuing education program: (1) shall provide to each law enforcement officer employed by the county; and (2) may provide to each law enforcement officer employed by a city or town law enforcement agency within the county; continuing education concerning the U nonimmigrant visa and continuing education concerning cultural diversity awareness that includes an understanding of certain cultural issues. Requires the Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission to establish protocols for persons who provide emergency medical services to notify law enforcement when services have been provided to an individual who has attempted to commit suicide and who has indicated that the attempt was due in part to bullying.