Massage therapy licensing.

Authors: Senator Ron Alting


Provides that an individual must be licensed by the state board of massage therapy (board) to engage in the practice of massage therapy. (Under current law, massage therapists are certified by the board but certification is not required for the practice of massage therapy.) Removes provisions concerning membership in a professional massage therapy association as a component for determining membership on the board. Allows the board to approve massage therapy school curricula. Provides that a person may not practice massage therapy or use certain titles without a license. Allows for inactive licenses. Provides for the transition to licensure for massage therapists who are certified on June 30, 2014. Allows the temporary practice of massage therapy without a license in certain circumstances. Provides that the massage therapy licensing requirements do not apply to a health care provider who is acting within the scope of the health care provider's license, registration, or certificate. Provides that the massage therapist licensing law preempts local ordinances, resolutions, rules, and policies concerning massage therapists, except for zoning requirements and occupational license fees. Makes conforming changes.