Military family relief fund.

Authors: Senator Allen Paul, Senator Thomas Wyss, Senator Ron Alting

Co-authors: Senator Michael Delph, Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Vaneta Becker, Senator Timothy Lanane, Senator R Michael Young, Senator James Banks, Senator James Arnold, Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Travis Holdman

Sponsors: Representative Richard Hamm

Co-Sponsors: Representative Thomas Saunders, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative John Price


Removes the provision that limits to three years the time during which an Indiana qualified service member or a dependent is eligible to receive assistance from the military family relief fund. Gives priority to Indiana qualified service members or dependents who have never received a grant from the military family relief fund. Requires the veterans' affairs commission, subject to the approval of the budget agency, to set a maximum total dollar amount of grants that may be expended in a state fiscal year.