Confined feeding, composting, and manure storage.

Authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Jean Leising, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Don Lehe

Co-Sponsors: Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Rick Niemeyer


Provides that a person may not operate a confined feeding operation without obtaining the prior approval of the department of environmental management. Provides for renewal of an approval for the construction, expansion, or operation of a confined feeding operation. Provides that the law concerning the registration of composting facilities applies to facilities for the composting of vegetative matter and other organic material. (Currently the law applies only to facilities for the composting of vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance and land clearing projects.) Specifies the conditions under which an application for registration of a composting facility may be denied or a registration may be revoked. Requires a person who applies for approval to construct or expand a satellite manure storage structure to provide notice concerning the approval to: (1) the county executive of the county in which the satellite manure storage structure is to be constructed or expanded; and (2) each owner and each occupant of land of which any part of the boundary is one-half mile or less from any part of the proposed footprint of the satellite manure storage structure.