Various tax matters.

Authors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Luke Kenley

Co-authors: Senator Ed Charbonneau

Sponsors: Representative P Eric Turner

Co-Sponsors: Representative Timothy Brown

Advisors: Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Douglas Eckerty


Specifies that the county auditor (rather than the county treasurer, under current law) makes certain requested advances to political subdivisions within the county. Specifies that an active duty military member who maintains ownership of a home in Indiana and is ordered to deploy outside of Indiana may maintain eligibility for a homestead deduction. Provides that for purposes of the circuit breaker credit, residential property: (1) includes a single family dwelling that is under construction and the land, not exceeding one acre, on which the dwelling will be located; and (2) excludes real property that consists of a commercial hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, or tourist cabin. Requires the state board of finance to make a loan to a school corporation from the rainy day fund, if the school corporation's petition for a loan from the fund was denied in October 2013 and a general fund referendum was not passed in 2014 by the voters in the school corporation. Specifies that delinquent penalties, fees, and interest are included in the amounts due for determining whether a parcel is included on the delinquency list for purposes of the tax sale law. Makes the 2012 maximum property tax levy adjustment for Fairfield Township in Tippecanoe County permanent. Restores the requirement deleted by SEA 207-2014 that the department of local government finance (DLGF) must approve the ballot language proposed by a school corporation for a school general fund referendum and restores the related certification procedures. Removes the requirement added by SEA 207-2014 that the county election board of the county or counties in which the school corporation is located must either approve or revise the proposed ballot language and removes related changes. Provides that the sales tax rate on a motor vehicle that a purchaser intends to transport outside Indiana within 30 days and title or register for use in another state or country is the rate of that state or country. Extends the sales and use tax exemption for aircraft repair and maintenance. Authorizes a shareholder, partner, or member of a pass through entity to claim the industrial recovery tax credit. Specifies that contributions to organizations that provide services to individuals who are ex-offenders are eligible for the neighborhood assistance credit. Provides that beginning in 2015, the office of community and rural affairs administers the historic rehabilitation income tax credits. Changes the schedule of maximum property tax rates that may be imposed by an airport authority. Includes a maximum tax rate calculation that provides that the tax rate is not decreased to a level where the airport authority would initially lose tax revenue as the assessed value increases. Provides that if a taxpayer fails to make a payment under a property tax payment arrangement, the county treasurer and the taxpayer may enter into a subsequent arrangement and avoid the penalties otherwise due. Makes changes to the income tax credit for property taxes paid on homesteads in Lake County. Provides that if the cost of the credit is less than $8,500,000, riverboat admissions tax revenue equal to the difference between $8,500,000 and the cost of the credits shall be paid to the northwest Indiana regional development authority and used for public mass rail transportation in Lake County. Requires electronic filings for cigarette and alcoholic beverage taxes. Makes changes to the membership requirements for the Madison County visitor and convention commission. Requires township trustees to publish the annual abstract of receipts and expenditures within four weeks after the third Tuesday following the first Monday in February. Requires redevelopment commissions, authorities, and departments to submit certain information to the DLGF before July 1, 2014. Provides that the DLGF shall deliver the report required by SEA 118-2014 by October 1, 2014 (rather than August 1, 2014). Requires the office of management and budget to prepare certain studies.