Various business entity matters.

Authors: Senator Susan Glick

Co-authors: Senator James Arnold

Sponsors: Representative Ben Smaltz


Makes various changes to business and other associations law concerning the following: (1) Information required to be filed with the secretary of state's office. (2) Information required to be sent to registered agents. (3) Responsibilities of registered agents. (4) An exception to the notice requirements concerning administrative revocations of certificates of authorities and dissolutions. (5) Procedures concerning reinstatement and denial of reinstatement. (6) Stated powers of corporations, nonprofit corporations, and limited liability companies. (7) Issuance of interrogatories by the secretary of state and investigative claims. (8) Filing false documents with the secretary of state. (9) Use of assumed business names. (10) Domestication of nonprofit corporations. (11) The officers and the powers and duties of officers of a limited liability company. Removes provisions concerning the following: (1) Delivery by telecopy and facsimile. (2) Requiring creation of copies of certain documents. Repeals a provision concerning having a corporation as a resident agent.