Business locations of floral products suppliers.

Authors: Senator Ronald Grooms


Prohibits a floral products supplier from misrepresenting the geographic location of the floral products supplier's business by listing or including: (1) a local telephone number; or (2) a fictitious business name or an assumed business name; in any advertisement, local telephone directory, or directory assistance data base unless the advertisement, the listing in the local telephone directory, or the directory assistance operator or recording identifies the true physical address of the floral products supplier's business. Provides that a person that violates this provision commits a deceptive act and is subject to the penalties and remedies set forth in the statute concerning deceptive consumer sales. Provides that certain persons that distribute, publish, communicate, or display certain communications on behalf of floral products suppliers do not violate this provision if the persons do not: (1) change the content of the communications; or (2) knowingly distribute, publish, communicate, or display any information that misrepresents the geographic location of a floral products supplier's business.