Various election law matters.

Authors: Senator Pete Miller, Senator Patricia Miller

Co-authors: Senator James Arnold

Sponsors: Representative Kathy Richardson

Advisors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Greg Walker


Changes election law as follows: (1) Permits the election division to provide voter registration information from the statewide voter registration system (system) without charge to the clerks of the United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana. (2) Amends online voter registration procedures. (3) Provides that an individual who knowingly making a false statement about a voter identification number on a poll list commits a Level 6 felony. (4) Permits a county voter registration office to provide precinct inspectors a scanned copy of a more recent signature of a voter than the signature on the voter's original registration. (5) Exempts precinct officials, a county voter registration office, and various other agencies taking custody of voter registration forms from "chain of custody" documentation. (6) Specifies efforts officials must make to obtain information missing on voter registration forms. (7) Permits a county voter registration office to send an address confirmation notice to an active voter who may no longer reside at the address shown on the voter's registration record if the county sends a similar notice to voters when a boundary or polling place is changed. (8) Sets requirements for mailings for the statewide voter registration residency confirmation outreach project. (9) Provides a method for a voter to update information in the voter's registration record in a county using electronic poll books. (10) Requires officials to request information from various public sources to update voter registration records. (11) Provides that a family and social services administration office (FSSA) providing Medicaid services has the same deadlines to transmit voter registration applications as other FSSA offices. (12) Specifies how a person having a power of attorney for a voter may assist the voter with absentee voting. (13) Clarifies the timeline for a county voter registration office to cancel the record of inactive voters who have failed to vote or appear to vote at the address on the registration record. (14) Specifies that the inspector (rather than two judges) marks the poll list in the presence of the poll clerks to indicate that a voter has voted by absentee ballot in a precinct. (15) Requires a county to adopt procedures concerning the security of absentee ballots cast on an electronic voting system. (16) Permits a vote center plan to provide that vote centers not be used in municipal elections in some or all small towns in a county. (17) Updates provisions concerning the location of challengers within a polling place. (18) Specifies the retention requirements for data on recording units used in direct record electronic voting systems. (19) Specifies that the county voter registration office is required to update voter registration records using information contained on a poll list returned after election day. (20) Requires a board to enter into the system certain information regarding provisional ballots. (21) Provides a procedure to reconcile the number of signatures on poll lists with the number of votes cast in a precinct where the majority of ballots are cast by electronic voting system. (22) Establishes a small precinct committee in Lake County to determine if precincts in the county that had fewer than 500 active voters as of June 1, 2014, can be combined with one or more adjacent precincts. Requires the Lake County board of elections and registration to adopt a precinct establishment order implementing the committee's findings. Provides when the establishment order takes effect. (23) Repeals obsolete provisions concerning voter registration forms, county National Voter Registration Act implementation plans, absentee voting in the county clerk's office, certificates of error, and hand counted paper ballots. (24) Makes conforming amendments and technical corrections.