Statewide and regional water resource planning.

Authors: Senator Richard Young


Divides Indiana into nine hydrological regions, each of which contains certain specified counties. Establishes for each hydrological region: (1) a regional water management council consisting of the chairpersons of the drainage board and the soil and water conservation district of each county in the hydrological region; and (2) a regional water planning group consisting of the members of the regional water management council and six other members selected by majority vote of the regional water management council from individuals falling within certain interest categories. Requires each regional water planning group, every five years, to adopt a regional water resources plan for its hydrological region and to forward its regional water resources plan to the natural resources commission. Requires the natural resources commission, every five years, to adopt a comprehensive state water resources plan that incorporates the regional water resources plans of the regional water planning groups. Requires the director of the department of natural resources to establish a water resources information system to serve as a central clearinghouse and referral center for data relevant to Indiana's water resources.