Telecommunications service.

Authors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator James Merritt, Senator John Broden

Sponsors: Representative Eric Allan Koch

Co-Sponsors: Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Christina Hale


Limits the authority of the utility regulatory commission (commission) with respect to interconnection, resale of telecommunications service, and unbundled access to the authority delegated to the commission under federal law. Repeals a provision authorizing the commission to establish certain rates charged by incumbent local exchange carriers to payphone service providers. Provides that the general assembly intends for the 2010 edition of the NFPA 72, National Fire Protection Association Standard for the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72) to be incorporated into the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC). Provides that not later than July 1, 2014, the fire prevention and building safety commission (commission) shall adopt rules to incorporate NFPA 72 into the IAC. Allows the commission to adopt emergency rules to meet this requirement. Allows the commission to amend NFPA 72 as the commission considers appropriate, if the rules finally adopted by the commission do the following: (1) Incorporate the definition of, and associated requirements for: (A) a managed facilities-based voice network (MFVN); and (B) a public switched telephone network (PSTN); as set forth in NFPA 72. (2) Allow digital alarm communicator systems that make use of a MFVN to transmit signals from a fire alarm system to an offsite monitoring facility, subject to NFPA 72 requirements. Provides that if the commission does not comply with these rulemaking requirements by the date specified, the following apply on July 1, 2014: (1) The definition of and associated requirements for: (A) a MFVN; and (B) a PSTN; as set forth in NFPA 72, are considered incorporated into the IAC. (2) A person that after June 30, 2014, installs or uses a digital alarm communicator system that: (A) makes use of a MFVN to transmit signals from a fire alarm system to an offsite monitoring facility; and (B) meets the applicable NFPA 72 requirements; is not required to obtain a variance from the commission for the installation or use. Provides that a communications service provider that is an eligible telecommunications carrier for purposes of the federal Lifeline Program is not exempt from: (1) the enhanced prepaid wireless charge; or (2) the monthly statewide 911 fee.