Criminal justice institute.

Authors: Senator Douglas Eckerty


Replaces the membership of the commission for a drug free Indiana (commission) with members of the board of trustees of the criminal justice institute (trustees), as appointed by the chairman of the trustees. Eliminates the requirement of the commission to establish an interagency council on drugs. Requires the commission to coordinate the alcohol and drug program responsibilities of state agencies, commissions, and boards. Requires all state agencies to respond promptly to certain written requests from the commission. Requires each local coordinating council to lead and coordinate a process to assess the needs of the county for local alcohol and drug abuse plans and identify the goals and priorities of the coordinating council. Requires a county auditor to appropriate annually all money in a county drug free community fund (fund) to the local coordinating council for that county. Allows the commission to freeze a fund under certain circumstances. Prohibits the use of the fund for purchasing real estate or constructing, maintaining, or furnishing a structure. Makes technical corrections.