Hunting preserves.

Authors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator James Banks


Provides for the licensing and operation of hunting preserves on which farm raised and released cervidae are hunted. Establishes licensing requirements, inspection requirements, and fees. Exempts licensed hunting preserves from the licensing requirements for game breeders and shooting preserves. Provides that hunters on hunting preserves are not required to have a hunting license and are not subject to bag limits. Requires that a transportation tag be purchased and fixed to the leg of each cervidae taken on a hunting preserve. Prohibits computer assisted remote hunting on hunting preserves. Provides that the law under which the county is liable for losses sustained by the owners of certain types of animals that are killed or maimed by dogs does not apply to farm raised cervidae on a hunting preserve. Provides that an owner of a hunting preserve is not entitled to indemnification from the state for cervidae that are condemned by the board of animal health or destroyed because of exposure to bovine tuberculosis. Removes a provision requiring the boundaries of a shooting preserve to be defined by fences of at least one strand of wire.