Neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Authors: Senator Vaneta Becker, Senator Patricia Miller

Co-authors: Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Jean Leising, Senator Brent Steele

Sponsors: Representative Rebecca Kubacki

Co-Sponsors: Representative Gail Riecken, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative David Frizzell, Representative Karlee Macer

Advisors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Earline Rogers, Senator Jean Leising


Defines "neonatal abstinence syndrome" (NAS). Requires the state department of health to: (1) meet with representatives of certain associations to study and make recommendations on issues concerning NAS; and (2) report, before November 1, 2014, on certain issues concerning NAS to the legislative council for distribution to the appropriate interim study committee. Allows the state department of health to establish, before June 1, 2015, one or more pilot programs with hospitals that consent to participate in the programs to implement appropriate and effective models for NAS identification, data collection, and reporting.