Alcoholic beverage matters.

Authors: Senator Ron Alting


Regulates transactions and agreements between beer wholesalers and suppliers. Requires a beer wholesaler to have a bona fide distribution agreement with each of the beer wholesaler's suppliers. Increases the civil penalty amounts that the alcohol and tobacco commission may impose upon: (1) certain permittees who are brewers, distillers, and vintners; and (2) wholesaler permittees; for violations. Decreases the civil penalty amount that the alcohol and tobacco commission may impose on the holders of artisan distiller permits and microbrewery permits. Requires that, if any provision of the alcoholic beverage law is held invalid, the remaining provisions of the law must be construed in accordance with the intent of the legislature to further limit rather than to expand commerce in alcoholic beverages and to enhance strict regulatory control through the alcohol and tobacco commission and the three tier system of alcoholic beverage distribution.