Property tax deadlines and procedures.

Authors: Senator Randall Head, Senator Douglas Eckerty

Co-authors: Senator Mark Stoops, Senator Richard Young

Sponsors: Representative Milo Smith

Co-Sponsors: Representative Cherrish Pryor, Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon, Representative Randy Truitt


Changes for property taxation purposes: (1) the assessment and valuation date for property to January 1; (2) the date a reassessment of a group of parcels in a particular class of real property begins to May 1; (3) the date after which changes on an amended property tax roll over as a credit to a subsequent year to April 1; (4) the exemption filing date to April 1; and (5) various other related dates. Requires the department of local government finance to certify to each county the assessed values tentatively determined for public utilities by June 1. Changes the deadline for meeting to fix the budget for school corporations that have elected to use a fiscal year budget to April 1.