Professional licensing matters.

Authors: Senator Randall Head, Senator Dennis Kruse

Sponsors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-Sponsors: Representative Rhonda Rhoads

Advisors: Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Frank Mrvan


Allows a county fiscal body to waive certification requirements for certain members of the property tax assessment board of appeals appointed by the fiscal body. Establishes assessor, appraiser, and tax representative standards of conduct. Removes a provision specifying that a crematory authority may deliver cremated remains to a funeral director in person or by registered mail. Replaces the regulated occupations evaluation committee with the jobs creation committee. Provides that the funds from certain professions may be used by that profession's board to pay for the administrative expenses of the profession. Makes a change to the definition of "attest" to concur with the Uniform Accountancy Act. Allows a member of the Indiana board of accountancy (board) to serve three terms. Creates a status of "retired" for certified public accountants. Increases the cap on the accountant investigative fund (fund) to $1,000,000 and directs fines that can currently be imposed by the board to the fund. Removes the requirements that a home inspector's, massage therapist's, private investigator firm's, or security guard agency's insurance list the state as an additional insured. Delays the expiration of certain provisions concerning a certified direct entry midwife and penalties concerning the practice of midwifery. Requires a nonresident pharmacy to submit an inspection report from the applicant's home state. Allows a graduate from a foreign college of veterinary medicine who has a Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Medical Education Equivalence certificate to meet the qualification of graduating from an accredited college of veterinary medicine for purposes of certain licensure exemptions and for applying for a veterinary license. Provides that the state board of funeral and cemetery service (board) has 180 days to investigate a verified complaint. (Current law provides for a 60 day investigation.) Gives the board discretion to order restitution from the preneed consumer protection fund. Provides money in the controlled substances data fund to be used for the administration of the INSPECT program. (Current law allows money to be used for the operation of the INSPECT program.) Requires the Indiana professional licensing agency (agency) to report to the legislative council not later than October 1, 2014, concerning establishing a process for individuals in certain occupations to certify the individual's qualifications to be included on a list maintained by the agency. Makes technical corrections.