Abandoned housing.

Authors: Senator James Merritt, Senator Randall Head, Senator Allen Paul

Co-authors: Senator Brent Waltz, Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Thomas Wyss, Senator Brent Steele

Sponsors: Representative Edward Clere

Co-Sponsors: Representative Justin Moed, Representative Richard Hamm, Representative Dan Forestal


Requires the attorney general to establish and maintain a tax sale blight registry of all persons ineligible to participate in the tax sale. Provides that properties certified as vacant or abandoned may be sold outright at the tax sale. Reduces the interest rate for payments in excess of a minimum bid from 10% to 5%. Lowers the interest rate for refunds on certain tax sales from 6% to 5%. Provides that the notice to a record owner of property must occur six months, instead of nine months, after the date of the tax sale. Requires the executive of a county, city, or town to obtain a judgment that a parcel of real property is vacant or abandoned before a certification can be made to the county auditor for tax sales purposes. Reduces the period from six to three months when a tax sale purchaser may petition the court for a judgment directing the county auditor to issue a tax deed if the real property is not redeemed from the sale. Specifies that a property tax penalty for property sold by a county executive through a certificate of sale procedure is to be removed from the tax duplicate if the penalty is associated with a delinquency that was not due until after the date of the original tax sale but is due before the issuance of the certificate of sale by the county executive. Requires, for tax deeds executed for real property sold at a tax sale, that the county auditor submit the tax deed directly to the county recorder for recording and charge the tax sale purchaser the appropriate recording fee. Permits the county auditor to be the only signer of a sales disclosure form. Adds the term "blighted" in determining whether a building is an unsafe building. Requires a business entity that seeks to register to bid at a tax sale to provide a certificate from the secretary of state to the county treasurer. Prohibits foreign business associations that have not registered with the secretary of state from participating in the tax sale. Requires persons who purchase a property or certificate at a tax sale to reimburse the county for the costs of a title search. Permits a county to establish a paddle fee for persons who attend the tax sale. Requires the sheriff to notify the owner of a foreclosed property being sold at auction if the sale is canceled.