Safety PIN grant program.

Authors: Representative Holli Sullivan

Co-authors: Representative Brian Bosma, Representative Harold Slager, Representative David Frizzell, Representative Milo Smith, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Charlie Brown, Representative Julie Olthoff, Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Robin Shackleford, Representative Cindy Ziemke, Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, Representative Wendy McNamara, Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Dennis Zent, Representative Kathy Richardson, Representative Gregory Porter, Representative Gail Riecken, Representative Scott Pelath, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Melanie Wright, Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Donna Schaibley

Sponsors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Vaneta Becker

Co-Sponsors: Senator Jon Ford, Senator Karen Tallian, Senator Earline Rogers


Establishes the safety PIN (protecting Indiana's newborns) grant program for the purpose of reducing Indiana's infant mortality rates. Establishes the safety PIN (protecting Indiana's newborns) grant fund. Requires the state department of health to administer the grant program. Sets forth requirements for grant proposals, and sets forth subject matters that will receive preference in awarding the grants.