Various motor vehicle matters.

Authors: Representative David Wolkins

Co-authors: Representative Robert Cherry, Representative Timothy Harman, Representative Dan Forestal

Sponsors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Michael Crider

Co-Sponsors: Senator Mark Stoops

Advisors: Representative Edmond Soliday, Representative Timothy Harman, Representative Steven Stemler, Representative Charlie Brown


Authorizes the use of mini-trucks on Indiana roads other than interstate highways. Requires a mini-truck that is operated on an Indiana road to be titled and registered. Defines "person", for purposes of titling a vehicle, to include sole proprietorships. Requires a dealer of mini-trucks to register as a dealer. Imposes an annual excise tax of $30 on a mini-truck. Removes the requirement that an application for the fleet registration program for common registration dates for fleet vehicles contain a certificate of title and registration for all fleet vehicles in the exact name of the fleet operator. Removes outdated language.