Student transfers.

Authors: Representative Edmond Soliday

Co-authors: Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Vernon Smith, Representative Anthony Cook

Sponsors: Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-Sponsors: Senator Earline Rogers, Senator Lonnie Randolph


Provides that a student may transfer to a school corporation if the student's parent is an employee of the school corporation and the school corporation has the capacity to accept the student. Provides that an elementary school student who attended an accredited nonpublic elementary school in the attendance area of a school corporation in which the student does not have legal settlement may attend a high school in the school corporation if the school corporation: (1) has the capacity to accept the student and the majority of the students in the same grade as the transferring student at the accredited nonpublic school have legal settlement in the transferee school corporation; (2) has only one high school; and (3) does not have a policy to accept transfer students.