Various education matters.

Authors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson


Provides that the department of education (department) shall provide any data to the state board of education (state board) that the state board determines is necessary to perform the state board's duties under law. Makes changes to the provision requiring school corporations to establish plans for evaluations of certificated employees. Provides that a school corporation may adopt the department's model plan or any other model plan approved by the department and the state board. Requires the education roundtable to make recommendations to the state board regarding the passing scores required at the various grade levels tested under the ISTEP program. Provides that the state board may place a school in a category or designation of school performance only if: (1) the department has provided each school the opportunity to review, add to, or supplement the data, and to correct any errors in the data; and (2) the state board's authorized representatives have had an opportunity to review and analyze the school and corporation level data. Provides that the state board may obtain assistance from the legislative services agency with the approval of the legislative council or another entity to ensure the validity and reliability of the performance category or designation placements calculated by the department. Makes various changes to provisions relating to the assessment of school performance. Makes various changes to the administration of the ISTEP program.