EMS provider death benefit.

Authors: Representative Karlee Macer

Co-authors: Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Randall Frye

Sponsors: Senator Philip Boots, Senator Jon Ford, Senator James Buck

Co-Sponsors: Senator Mark Stoops, Senator Lonnie Randolph


Provides a public safety officer special death benefit to an emergency medical services provider who, after June 30, 2015, dies as a direct result of personal injury or illness resulting from the provider's performance of duties under a contract entered into by the provider's employer to provide emergency medical services for a political subdivision if the provider's employer purchases coverage if the employer purchases coverage for all eligible emergency medical services providers of the employer. Provides that the cost of the coverage is $100 per year and that an employer may purchase the coverage by making quarterly payments on dates prescribed by the board of trustees of the Indiana public retirement system.