Land classification for tax purposes.

Authors: Representative Donna Schaibley

Co-authors: Representative Robert Cherry


Specifies the criteria for classifying land as agricultural land for property tax assessment purposes. Provides that certain undeveloped lands must be assessed as agricultural land regardless of the motives of the owner at the time the owner acquired the land, the zoning designation of the land, or whether the owner uses the land for growing crops or raising livestock or is otherwise engaged in the business of farming. Requires assessing officials to review for compliance with the new criteria the assessments of lands that had been classified as excess residential property for the 2005 through 2015 assessment dates and to reclassify as agricultural land as necessary for the 2016 assessment date. Authorizes refunds for excessive tax payments attributable to the reclassification of land during that period. Provides that the limitations on contracts for the discovery of undervalued or omitted property apply to a contract concerning the reclassification of parcels, including the prohibition on contracts paid on a percentage basis.