Lifelong learning accounts.

Authors: Representative Sue Errington


Requires the education savings authority (authority) to establish and administer a lifelong learning account program. Specifies that a lifelong learning account established for a participating individual must: (1) be an account in a financial institution; and (2) allow a participating individual to deposit, from the individual's earned income, money that may be matched by the participating individual's employer, a financial institution, the state, or any other entity, and that will be used by the participating individual for education and training costs at a postsecondary educational institution, a vocational school, or a training program that may lead to employment for the individual. Requires the authority to seek grants and other funding for the program from public and private entities. Provides that money withdrawn from a participating individual's lifelong learning account is not subject to state income taxation if the money is used by the participating individual for specified education and training costs. Provides a state tax credit to an individual or an individual's employer for contributions to a lifelong learning account. Specifies that money in a participating individual's lifelong learning account may not be considered: (1) an asset of the participating individual when determining the individual's eligibility for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program; or (2) a countable asset for purposes of township assistance.