Various election law matters.

Authors: Representative Kathy Richardson

Sponsors: Senator Greg Walker, Senator Pete Miller

Advisors: Representative Milo Smith, Representative Curt Nisly, Representative Clyde Kersey, Representative Philip GiaQuinta


Provides that the procedure for removing election inspectors and judges also applies to poll clerks, assistant poll clerks, and election sheriffs. Exempts certain statutorily protected residence addresses from the requirement to publish the address of each primary election candidate. Makes technical changes relating to: (1) filing statements of economic interests; (2) updating voter registration information; (3) transmitting absentee ballots; (4) appointment of absentee voter boards; (5) filling candidate vacancies; (6) transmission of voter registration applications; (7) public questions; and (8) certification of special election results. Updates dates and other references in the election law. Removes other obsolete references. Makes various other technical changes. Repeals a provision that makes it a crime to knowingly or intentionally display campaign materials advocating the election or defeat of a candidate or the approval or defeat of a public question on a government employer's real property during regular working hours. Repeals a provision that would permit the use of an automatic dialing-announcing device to send messages to voters from a county election board, a county board of elections and registration, or a county voter registration office.