Sale of growlers by package liquor stores.

Authors: Representative Philip GiaQuinta

Co-authors: Representative Thomas Dermody


Creates a supplemental package liquor store permit (supplemental permit) that the alcohol and tobacco commission may issue to a person who holds a beer dealer's permit and is the proprietor of a package liquor store (permit holder). Allows the permit holder at the package store location for which the supplemental permit is issued to: (1) fill or refill containers by transferring beer from a brewery sealed keg to the container; and (2) sell the beer to consumers for consumption off the licensed premises. Provides that a container filled or refilled by the permit holder may: (1) have a liquid capacity of not more than 128 ounces; and (2) be provided by the consumer or sold to the consumer by the permit holder. Prohibits a container from being filled or refilled by a permit holder before the sale of the beer to the consumer. Provides that statutes prohibiting the refilling of an alcoholic beverage container and selling beer in a container that was not packaged and sealed by the brewer do not apply to a permit holder. Requires a proprietor of multiple package liquor stores to obtain a supplemental permit for each package liquor store location where containers are filled and sold. Provides that the fee for the initial supplemental permit for a single package liquor store location is $10,000. Provides that the annual renewal fee for a supplemental permit for a single package liquor store location is $1,000. Provides that fees collected for the supplemental permit are deposited in the alcohol and tobacco commission enforcement and administration fund.