Fire training academy.

Authors: Representative Randall Frye

Co-authors: Representative Timothy Wesco, Representative Dan Forestal, Representative Karlee Macer

Sponsors: Senator Michael Crider, Senator Jon Ford, Senator James Merritt

Co-Sponsors: Senator James Arnold, Senator Earline Rogers, Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Douglas Eckerty, Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Jeff Raatz, Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Eric Bassler, Senator Lonnie Randolph


Increases the board of firefighting personnel standards and education from 11 to 13 members. Allows the division of fire and building safety (division) of the Indiana department of homeland security (IDHS) to establish a fire and public safety academy training system to create and conduct programs to train public safety personnel. Allows the division to develop the programs in cooperation with other agencies, organizations, or educational institutions.