Medicaid expansion and affordable care study committee.

Authors: Representative Edward Clere

Co-authors: Representative Charlie Brown, Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Matthew Lehman


Establishes the affordable care study committee. Allows the department of state revenue to establish a procedure to set off the earned income credit and the tax refund of certain Medicaid recipients for out-of-pocket expenses owed by the recipient. Modifies Medicaid provider reimbursement rates to mirror Medicare reimbursement rates for services provided to certain Medicaid recipients. Adds Medicaid rehabilitation option services, chiropractic services, dental services, and optometric services to the Indiana check-up plan and requires certain services to be included if Medicaid is expanded. Requires the office of Medicaid policy and planning (office) to negotiate with the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for a Medicaid state plan amendment or Medicaid waiver concerning expansion of Medicaid. Requires the office of the secretary of family and social services to report to the budget committee and the public health, behavioral health, and human services interim committee (interim committee) if negotiations are unsuccessful. Requires the office to present specified information to the interim committee before August 1, 2015. Requires certain state agencies to report to the interim committee concerning a health insurance exchange in Indiana.