Grant program for hiring ex-offenders.

Authors: Representative Robin Shackleford

Co-authors: Representative Vanessa Summers, Representative Cherrish Pryor


Requires the Indiana housing and community development authority to establish a grant program to encourage the hiring of certain qualified individuals. Specifies that the amount of the grant is $3,000 for each qualified individual a person hires during the previous state fiscal year. Provides that the aggregate amount of grants allowed per state fiscal year may not exceed: (1) $1,000,000, for qualified individuals hired in the 2015-2016 state fiscal year; or (2) $2,500,000, for qualified individuals hired in a state fiscal year beginning after June 30, 2016. Requires a report on the grant program before August 1, 2017. Provides that grants are exempt from the Indiana adjusted gross income tax. Makes an appropriation.