Designation of caregiver for patients.

Authors: Representative Dennis Zent

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Charlie Brown

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Ed Charbonneau, Senator Vaneta Becker

Co-Sponsors: Senator Mark Stoops


Requires a hospital to provide each admitted patient or the patient's health care representative with an opportunity to designate a lay caregiver within a specified time. Specifies documentation of whether the patient designates a lay caregiver. Requires the hospital to do certain acts including the following: (1) Request written consent to release medical information to the designated lay caregiver. (2) Record certain information concerning the designated lay caregiver in the patient's medical chart. (3) Attempt to consult with the designated lay caregiver before release of the patient. (4) Prepare an at home care plan. (5) Provide instructions to the designated lay caregiver concerning after care.